Thursday, January 2, 2014



(That would be Beth and Myself)

Our Thoughts For The Coming Year

As we enter into our 32nd year of business, we would like 
to share with you a little of our feelings.

We both believe what we do can and will make a difference in
your life and your family's life.
We believe our photography is something of value and will become more valuable over the years.
Just like you, we have each other, our parents, our children,
our grandchildren, our siblings, and extended family.
Over the years, we have lost parents, grandparents and siblings.
Our most recent loss was the death of Beth's dad, Herman Waller.
Now, as I have been for many years, Beth is without her parents.
I know the pain of her loss and cannot help but remember something I saw at the funeral home.
This statement is so true:

"When Someone You Love Becomes A Memory,
Memories Become A Treasure".

For the New Year, 2014, our wish for you is peace, happiness, and health.  Please, hug the ones you love, spend quality time with them.  Do not let the days go by without a kind word, a gentle smile, and a very
simple "I Love You!"

Thank you all for your support!

Terry and Beth Dalton 



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