Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Why We Do What We Do

Yes we love what we do, but there is a deeper reason for our love of photography.  It is the people we meet  and the families that touch our lives.

Most of our phone calls start with "How Much Is A Picture?"
Well a picture isn't much, but, a portrait is well worth more than what we charge.
Not long ago, I received a phone call late in the evening and the person on the other end knew what  the value of a portrait truly is.  Her question was not "How Much", but "How Soon?"

This is how the conversation went: " Hello, my name is Mary Hendrix and a friend of mine gave me your name.  I was wondering if there might be any way that you could do a family portrait for me tomorrow night around 7 PM.  My daughters will be in town and I would love to have a family portrait for my family. I have learned I have stage 4 cancer."

Well, of course we set up the portrait session.  This lady came into the studio, all smiles, and very happy to have her family with her.  You would never known anything was going on with her health.  Full of love for our Lord, her family, and life in general.

Now, for those of you who knew Mary Procter-Hendrex, I need to say nothing more.  My Wife and I could never tell you how greatful we are to have had what little time we had with Mary and her family.

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